Entheon and MPV announce amalgamation

Entheon Biomedical and MPV Exploration have executed a definitive agreement, whereby MPV Exploration will acquire all the issued and outstanding shares of Entheon pursuant of a 3 cornered amalgamation.

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A new dimension in the treatment of addiction

Entheon Biomedical is a biotechnology company committed to the legal development of safe & effective psychedelic medicines in order to provide patients with access to evidence-based treatments for addiction disorders.

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Psychedelics as Medicines

There are many psychoactive plant medicines that indigenous cultures across the world have recognized for their medicinal properties. Modern science is now seeking to understand the neuro-chemical interactions and medicinal benefits of these substances in controlled, quantifiable laboratory settings in order to substantiate with scientific rigour, exactly how they interact with the brain to create their effects. Entheon Biomedical is focused on the development of proprietary medicines and treatments, based on psilocybin and its analogues, to address the public health concerns surrounding addiction and substance disorders.

Current Market Our Solution

Serotonin and Psychedelic Substances

Various psychedelics such as DMT and 5-MeO-DMT demonstrate structural similarity to serotonin, binding to the 5-HT receptors

Substances We Research

Future Mental Health Treatments

More and more clinical and academic research and trials into the effects of psychedelics on mental health are delivering promising results that may lead to future treatments for many conditions.

Our Mission

Entheon Biomedical seeks to legally research, develop, patent, and distribute psilocybin and DMT based medicines and treatments for those suffering from substance-abuse disorders.This under-serviced market was valued at US$ 13.22 Billion in 2016, and is expected to grow to US$ 27.91 Billion by 2025.[1]

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Why Psychedelics?

When ingested psychedelics produce a non-ordinary state of consciousness and have historically been used for religious and spiritual purposes, as well as for personal development or to facilitate the healing of a particular malady or disturbance. Regulated, clinically administered psychedelic drugs may assist in the healing of the underlying psychological, and emotional distress that is associated with substance use disorder.

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