Our Approach

We believe a comprehensive, data and technology driven approach to care will significantly increase the odds of permanent addiction recovery.

Together with esteemed partners, and through rigorous clinical study, we are developing a unique treatment system and highly specialized tools to personalize care, from assessment to treatment and beyond.

Our Focus Is On Addiction 

People suffering from drug dependence globally

Overdose-related fatalities reported annually

Projected global cost of mental disorders (including addiction) by 2030

Addiction is an unforgiving disorder that destroys countless lives and tears apart families in nearly every corner of the globe. Long-established substance use disorder treatments manage to help a low percentage of sufferers overcome or suppress their addictions but lack long term efficacy, serving as coping mechanisms rather than addressing underlying neurological and emotional causes.

There is a massive, urgent need for innovation in the way substance use disorder is treated.

Creating improved, personal recovery journeys and outcomes – and giving those living with addiction a greater probability of reclaiming their lives and potential – is both a human and economic imperative.

What is DMT?

Well tolerated with few adverse effects, pure DMT is the ideal molecule for advancing and sustaining new models of psychedelic-assisted therapy. DMT has a robust and well demonstrated capacity to affect neuronal activity and promote brain plasticity when administered in the optimum set and setting, providing valuable insights, a healthier reorientation to the past, and the ability to remedy the underlying neurological and emotional mechanisms of addiction.

Utilizing the powerful DMT molecule. Entheon will lead patients through an assisted therapeutic experience, allowing patients to erase problematic neural pathways fueling addiction and mental illness, and facilitate the creation of new pathways towards recovery.

Why DMT?

DMT is unique among hallucinogens in that it is endogenous in the human body and has been clinically validated as being safe for human consumption. While other psychedelics produce intense effects that last up to 12 hours, DMT is rapidly metabolized by the body meaning the intensity of its effects and duration of the experience can be easily adjusted, allowing for a shorter, more focused therapeutic window.


Used therapeutically for hundreds of years in the form of ayahuasca


Scientifically studied from at least the 1950s onward


Present throughout the plant kingdom


Safe in humans & endogenous


Short acting

The Entheon Intelligence Platform

A Patient-Centric and Personalized System of Psychedelic Medicine

With a core-concentration on advancing DMT’s therapeutic potential, Entheon is developing a combination of genetic and predictive data analysis to ensure the safest psychedelic treatment possible.

Entheon’s genetic testing subsidiary, HaluGen Life Sciences, conducts diligent genetic testing to determine the risk probability of different psychedelic molecules for a given patient before the treatment takes place.

Using patient and clinical trial data, Entheon is developing a predictive biomarker response platform in partnership with Divergence Neuro Tech. Using Divergence’s proprietary neuro platform in tandem with electroencephalographic monitoring (EEG),

Entheon’s biomarker platform, powered by AI and machine learning, will better prescribe suitable psychedelic treatments, provide real-time feedback during a psychedelic event, and inform the development of a post-therapy system of patient-specific support.

Clinical Trial Timeline

In Vivo Preclinical Safety & Toxicology

Location: Science in Action, Israel
Estimated Study Start: Q2 2021
Objective: determine the acute toxicity of IV doses of DMT in a 14-day in vivo study.

Proof of Concept Human Study (Phase 1/2a equivalent)

Location: Centre for Human Drug Research, Leiden, Netherlands
Estimated Study Start: Q4 2021
Objectives: Pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic assessment of DMT fumarate
(GMP formulation) in otherwise healthy adult nicotine users. Establish optimal dose
range and duration for therapeutic efficacy, including minimally effective and maximally tolerated doses.