A broad spectrum of serotonin receptor modulating psychedelic molecules has shown great anecdotal promise in the treatment of substance use disorders.[20],[21]

Such instances of addictive behaviour reduction through the use of entheogens has been studied and observed since the 1950s. Recent changes in policy are resulting in what MAPS executive director, Rick Doblin, describes as, “a global renaissance in public and scientific interest, regulatory approvals and funding for psychedelic research.”

Current Research

Current scientific trials, combined with the wisdom of indigenous societies, and psychedelic research of the past, all point to a growing wealth of evidence that may legitimize psychedelic substances as a medical and healing tool. Entheon Biomedical is developing therapeutic formulations of psychedelic molecules that, if proven effective, will be designed to create different experiences in ways that will facilitate the healing process needed to resolve the underlying issues of addiction.

An online survey of tobacco smoking cessation associated with naturalistic psychedelic use.
Matthew W Johnson et al, 2016

A study carried out by John Hopkins University in 2016 targeting the cessation of nicotine addiction resulted in substantially higher 6-month smoking abstinence rates than are typically observed with other medications or CBT alone.

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Clinical Interpretations of Patient Experience in a Trial of Psilocybin-Assisted Psychotherapy for Alcohol Use Disorder
Bogenschutz MP et al, 2018

Researchers at the New York School of Medicine, investigated the effects of psilocybin on alcoholics and found that following the study use of alcohol reduced in alignment with the participants goals.

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Ayahuasca-Assisted Therapy for Addiction: Results from a Preliminary Observational Study in Canada
Gerald Thomas et al, 2013

A study undertaken by the Centre for Addictions Research of British Columbia, University of Victoria, Canada showcased the efficacy of ayahuasca in the treatment of addiction. The form of ayahuasca-assisted therapy administered to those with chronic addictive behaviours, showcased statistically significant improvements in several factors related to problematic substance use among the participants. These findings suggest that participants experienced significant positive psychological and behavioral changes in response to this therapeutic approach.

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What We Do

Entheon Biomedical is legally researching and developing a legal DMT therapeutic protocol that is being specifically designed to treat substance-abuse disorders. We are pursuing a path that is well known yet relatively untravelled, which has the potential for growth in the next few years.

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Adequately addressing the issues of compliance, standardization, and oversight is crucial to the successful entry of entheogens into the modern medical discussion. Entheon Biomedical recognizes that the use of psychedelic medicine is currently a legal grey area in most jurisdictions, and comes with both legal and medical risks.

Entheon Biomedical is undertaking the painstaking work of entering these drugs into a medically and scientifically rigorous FDA, EMA, and Comment start Health Canada Comment end approval model, thereby creating safe and legal products for consumption. We are committed to connecting the insights of previous research, the wisdom of indigenous cultures, and scientifically irrefutable data, to develop the evidence-based treatment processes the world needs.

Entheon Biomedical is working to formulate proprietary combinations of psilocybin and other molecules for specific therapeutic applications that target addiction and substance-related disorders. By developing a multitude of dosing strategies, it is researching the creation of a variety of treatment protocols that can be deployed to assist in a variety of treatment scenarios.

Our science board is comprised of experts in the field of neuropharmacology, genetics, psychiatry and substance use disorder. Scientific rigour is crucial to not only efficacy, repeatability and safety, but also compliance. Entheon Biomedical is taking all necessary steps to ensure that the products consumers use are tested to the rigours of the regulatory approval process.

Research and Development

Psychedelics may have the potential to alter the way addiction is understood and treated. Entheon Biomedical plans to follow the strict regulatory pathways of classic drug discovery and approval. Beginning with animal toxicology and behavioural studies, Entheon aims to fund full phase human trials of its specific DMT therapeutic protocol.

Estimated FDA drug approval timeline

We are currently preparing to initiate our preclinical trials with CROs and Universities to yield our baseline toxicology data. Animal behavioural trials are expected to follow shortly thereafter to determine if the administration of our formulations yield reductions in drug seeking behaviour, and increased sociability in our test animals.

Assuming successful results of our animal studies, Entheon Biomedical would then commit to one of the licensed research organizations it is in dialogue with to begin the work of carrying out human trials in a strict academic environment, yielding data to be put toward its FDA, EMA and Canada Health approval applications.

The time is now

A major resurgence of scientific backed studies showing the benefits of psychedelics is occurring the world-over, leading to decriminalization of certain psychedelic substances in jurisdictions sDenver and Oakland. The public sentiment and discourse around the space has been said to bear resemblance to the cannabis sector in 2010[25]; and simultaneous to that, there is a major requirement for viable and effective substance-abuse treatments.

Recently approved and on-trial psychedelic drugs: Esketamine , MDMA, Psilocybin.